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Something Cool Windshield Decal

Something Cool Windshield Decal

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The Something Cool Windshield Decal. 

This decal is meant for the true supporters, the believers, the dreamers, the goal achievers & most importantly THE CREW. 

If you purchase this decal, you are automatically a member of the SCC (Something Cool Crew). We are not doing that "Members Only" BS.

Being inclusive is SOMETHING COOL. 

Conditions of Sale: Purchasers will not be considered a part of the crew unless they are a true supporter. If you put this decal on your windshield, that means you believe in us & what we do. Post a photo of your car with the Something Cool windshield decal & tag us in your photo's to be featured on our instagram page/website. 

Dimensions 20"W x 10"H

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